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Get it since she flies and all*Is shot*

Anyway, comments are screened, so feel free to tell me how good or bad I am.

Date: 2011-09-22 05:04 am (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
Okay, I've been mulling over how to go about this for a while now. I've decided I just need to be blunt. Your portrayal of Reimu is incredibly shallow, and most of the time it feels more like you're playing a caricature of the character rather than Reimu herself. You exaggerate her canon behaviors to ridiculous degrees, and honestly it feels like you're relying on fanon more than canon for your characterization. A couple of examples to illustrate what I mean:

This log ( Why in the world would Reimu attack the rabbits and birds? They're not youkai animals that might be able to tell her something about the incident, they're not shooting at her--they're doing nothing. I know Reimu tends to just fly around and shoot at people until someone tells her something relevant, but that's the thing--she shoots at people, not anything that moves. Was that kind of behavior supposed to be a joke of some kind? Because to be quite honest, that's the only reason I could see for exaggerating Reimu's canon behavior to such a degree.

This post ( It makes no sense for Reimu to continue to solicit donations in the setting of Queen of Hearts, where no money is required. I know you said in the post that she's just so used to asking for donations that she did it out of habit, but let's be honest here--Reimu's money-grubbing is highly exaggerated by the fandom. She's not so single-minded as to not realize that she doesn't need to do so in the Gardens. And, even if she was? Even after having it pointed out to her that donations aren't necessary in this setting, she goes on to continue to hit people up for them here (!

And those are just the examples that come to mind most immediately. I could undoubtedly find more if I looked through the rest of her posts and threads. But, okay, now that I've pointed out the issues I have with your characterization, here's how I think you can improve it:

Canon review. I don't know how recently you've done so, but my advice would be to do so again--this time, with the intentions of paying special attention to the less obvious aspects of her personality. Try to notice the more subtle parts of her character and implant those in your characterization of her. That would go a long way toward making your portrayal of her less shallow.

Don't just regurgitate canon (and fanon). The setting of Queen of Hearts is not Gensokyo. Instead of just relying on the things Reimu does in her day-to-day life already, try thinking of ways for her to interact with her new surroundings. Sometimes, referencing what she does in canon is good--Reimu definitely would try to do the whole "solve the incident" routine, even if I disagree with the way you portrayed her in the process--but other times it just makes it look like you have no creativity or no ability to conceive of the character's actions beyond a few highly specific circumstances. The Gardens are a setting with plenty of flavor to offer--why not take advantage of this?

I'm really really sorry if this sounds harsh, but I didn't want to sugarcoat what I had to say and risk losing the ability to get my point across. I hope you'll consider what I have to say, even if that just means doing the canon review like I suggested and deciding I'm full of crap.

Date: 2011-09-22 05:39 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Hmm, I thought I was using less Fanon then canon, though that was back when I first had the muse. I admit I was doing a little much with the money. Though that 1 entry almost had me screaming for me to have her request donations. You are right though, Donations here would be stupid. I wasn't going to include donations into the post at first, but added them at the end.

Back when I had Reimu at Mayfield, I stood clear of Fanon, and played her how I would imagine her acting if she got pulled into a situation like that. I think it helped that she didn't have any of her powers, because I had to have her think a lot more, and use her instincts. I need to get my muse back into that mind frame. I suppose a canon review can help, but I think if I go back and read my old Mayfield posts(if I can find them) then I might be able to really improve.

I know how she is supposed to act, her subtle parts and all. I did it back in mayfield(at least I think so). I just need to get back to that. I have been relying too much on Fanon recently, something I told myself I didn't want to do.

Though, do you think my interactions with some of the other touhou characters are on par? Like my many with Tenshi or Marisa?


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