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Out-of-Character Information

Name: AJ/zferolie
Are you over 15?: yes
Time Zone: EST
Personal Journal: [personal profile] zferolie
Reliable Method of Contact: Plurk and E-mail: zferolie
Other characters in the game: Asagi Asagiri and Peacock
Link to slot request if 6th, 7th slot:

Tegaki: Not required.
Anything Else?: I can be a bit slow at times, due to work and stuff. IMing or Plurking is the best way to get me if I miss some tags

In-Character Information

Name: Reimu Hakurei
Game/Series: Touhou Project
Teacher/Student/Other: Student
Canon Point: After Touhou 13
Age: 17
Grade Level/Class Taught/Job:Junior
Dorm or Living Arrangement: Dorm, but she will build a shrine at some point

Reimu is really simple, and yet kinda complicated. She works on an entirely different form of common sense and logic from normal people, and yet she can also work as a straight man. Really, it depends on who she's talking to. She kind of a ditz at times, but at other times she incredibly sharp. She's pretty much really, really contradictory. It's pretty obvious when reading through CoLA or Strange and Bright Nature Deity. Her values are completely different from any other character's, and she's not really too attached to the world of the living. For example, money doesn't hold much value to her. At the same time, though, she knows that money holds a lot of value to others, and she understands that it's something that she needs to live and maintain the shrine. As such, while she won't actively go and try to get money, she gets upset when people don't leave donations.

She's also incredibly honest, so she should never lie or hold back. On the few occasions she DOES try to lie, it comes out awkward and really easy to see through, since she's not very good at the whole dishonesty gig. In other words, you should have her be blunt, straightforward and not at all roundabout. She'll say exactly what's on her mind, no matter what, no matter who she's talking to, and no matter what situation she's in. Despite how fandom likes to portray her, she's not particularly much of a ass, and she DOES have emotions. In fact, she's incredibly emotive, sometimes being really cheerful, irritated, or even bored. She's pretty up-front about the way she feels, and won't even consider trying to hide it.

And then there are her character relations. This is kind of complicated. Reimu has this thing where she pretty much regards everyone as the same, neither particularly nice or particularly cruel. Altogether, she doesn't care much about humans or youkai, but since her job is youkai extermination, she'll be stricter towards that particularly group. It's not necessarily prejudice, since she herself doesn't feel anything towards youkai. She just treats it as a job. So for example, Marisa, the cloest thing you can call a friend to Reimu, doesn't get treated any differently than to someone she doesn't know too well.

This goes into her personality, but Reimu is not one to hold grudges... well, not fully. She has fought with Reimila, but now has tea with her and is on a neutral ground. Rin, a Mid boss in Touhou 11, actively goes and gets feed by Reimu every so often now. However, There are some people Reimu does not get along with. One of these is Sanae, the Shrine maiden of Moriya Shrine. Reimu it's not that she hates her guts, it's more that she feels Sanae is taking her donations, and taking away the faith of Hakurei shrine. Another Reimu would not get along with is Tenshi, since she has destoryed Reimu's shrine, and always just wants to fight Reimu, which gets on her nerves.

There are places that shows Reimu as being lazy. This is also kinda complicated. It's not that she's lazy so much that she just doesn't like doing things she doesn't like to do. But if it's something fun or interesting, she'll be pretty enthusiastic. Since incident resolving is usually interesting and fun, she's often quite happy to go around shooting everything in sight. But more often than not, she'll just be sitting on the veranda of her shrine, staring aimlessly at the sky, without a care in the world. She's incredibly carefree, has no sense of danger or stress, and essentially just does whatever she pleases. In fact, she really is kinda childlike and even a little naive and innocent. This, too, is incredibly apparent in CoLA, where her interactions with the older Rinnosuke show just how childish she is
Reimu noticed that Marisa hasn’t come to mooch visit in a few weeks. Worried she went looking for her but couldn’t find her. After asking around, she heads towards where people saw her heading towards last. Suddenly, a portal opens up and she is sucked inside it, blacking out. When she comes to she is in front of the school.
Anything Else?:

In-Character 1st person sample:
In-Character 3rd person sample:
Both of these are from where Reimu also is at: Queen of hearts. I hope these are good enough for samples.
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