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*Reimu wakes up to the laughs of the little girl. As she jolts out of bed, she grips her arm where she was burned by chemicals. After a few moments she notices she is back in her Mayfield room.*

But how?

*Last thing she remembered was almost reaching the safe house when she started to pass out. Then there was that message by Richard Gray. Reimu made sure to find a pen and paper in her room to write it down before she forgets. While she was writing, she noticed she had the Tea cup with the message written on it, the 2 pieces of paper found in the bunker, and the wires she cut out. Reimu then walked to the phone, and picked it up.*

*Drone filter*

Well, that was tougher then any Incident in the past... I need to speak with anyone that knows about electronics. Also, if anyone else found clues in Westport, speak to me, and we can compare. Also, do the names Evan, Richard Gray, Annie, and Zemekis mean anything to anyone that has been here longer then I have?

*Filter to Shina and Myey*

Are you guys alright? I colasped just before making it back to the safe house.

*Filter to Flandre*

FLandre... are you yourself again? I need to speak with you.

*Filtered to Gensokyo residents*

To any member of Gensokyo that died in Westport, I must apologize. I failed as a Miko to protect you. I hope you forgive me.


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